Welcome to Asia Green Coal Group!

Asia Green Coal Group has more than 20 years of experience operating in the field of manufacturing and trading energy and environmental products.

Asia Green Coal Group is collaborating with local units to produce charcoal by providing equipment and technology lines. Your investment in factories, working capital, and personnel demonstrates your commitment to the field of industrial charcoal production.

We decided to participate in investing, producing and trading in the field of industrial charcoal, specifically as follows:

Asia Green Coal Group's investment in factories, working capital, and personnel showcases dedication to establishing a robust production infrastructure. This investment will enable the purchase of raw materials and ensure smooth operations for charcoal production.

Asia Green Coal Group providing the necessary equipment and technology lines to produce charcoal. By supplying these resources, you empower local units to carry out efficient and effective production, leading to high-quality charcoal output.

The decision to defer payment for the equipment line over a period of 5 years by Asia Green Coal Group is advantageous for the local units involved. It eases the financial burden and provides an opportunity for them to access essential equipment without immediate upfront costs.

In addition, Asia Green Coal Group's focus on product purchasing activities ensures a consistent output for commercial activities. By actively managing the supply chain, you mitigate potential issues related to goods handling. This approach promotes business stability and facilitates a smoother trading process.

Overall, your investment in infrastructure, provision of equipment and technology lines, and focus on product purchasing activities demonstrate a strong commitment to the industrial charcoal sector.