Asia Green Coal Group’s criteria in the production:

1. Production materials:

Forest productivity and the ability to regenerate forests worldwide are crucial factors to consider in charcoal production to ensure sustainability and avoid depleting environmental resources. Here are some highlights related to these aspects:

For example, in the Vietnamese market of Asia Green Coal Group, Quang Binh alone has more than 200,000 hectares of acacia trees planted and harvested every 5 years. Each hectare yields over 100 tons of acacia wood. This is the main source of raw materials for charcoal production, as well as an infinite resource for regeneration.

2. Machinery and equipment:

Asia Green Coal Group have factories with large production lines along with the best eco-friendly technology which are producing charcoal for thermal power plants, industrial furnaces and lives, etc.

Currently, we have charcoal production factories in Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, we are willing to cooperate to open more factories in other countries, as long as that country has abundant raw materials and cheap production cost, we call for investment opportunities all over the world.